by Jody Harrow

…when a soft breeze becomes a howl

Flying over Utah in the 1980’s I peered out the window and from that perspective saw the infinitesimally small size humans take up on our vast planet. In that instant I knew if the planet wanted to, it could easily flick us off - as effortlessly as we shoo a fly from our plate - if it did not want us around anymore. Feeling our existence had gone too far awry, this planet would have the last word.

Ariel view of UTAH

Ariel view of UTAH

30+ years hence and isn’t this is exactly what is happening with ice melts and global warming prompting more severe hurricanes and floods in our foreseeable future? (According to biblical accounts this is not the first time.)

Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian - NYTImes

Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian - NYTImes

We are an out of control, overpopulated species sucking up resources and polluting every nook and cranny of our sacred habitat at an unprecedented speed. Compounded is our insatiable appetite for war and destruction in our quest to exploit any and all natural resources we can get our hands on.

“We'd have no problems in the Middle East,” President Truman once said, “if not for that dirty three-letter word. ” He spelled it out slowly, “O-i-l.”

We have become an out of balance pestilence of sorts. And are like the stock market only looking for gain and unending growth at any cost. We are in fact imploding upon ourselves; an easy target as we move through plundering and disrupting every corner of our habitable planet.

What then will ‘our’ planet look like once we are gone? In my 20’s, I recall my astonishment when my friend’s mother said if a city was abandoned and left to its own, it would revert back to its natural self. This is visible when plants sprout up though the cracks in the street.

What an awesome concept to envision our cement jungles crumpling back to its former existence. Will it take eons or happen in the wink of an eye?

Lanape on Southern tip Manhattan.png

Planet Earth will have its way, its say no matter where a select few think they might be able to orbit off to - to start the cycle all over again.